Ellen Jackson

I create bespoke portraiture of horses, humans, and other animals. Viewing myself as both crafts(wo)man and strategist, I'm an interested observer and narrator in this process. I love a good story, and appreciate every opportunity to illustrate those of my subjects.

Many of my assignments are for branding, commercial, and editorial applications. Others are personal applications of imagery in home decor and gifts, greeting cards and custom books.

I delight in making one of a kind heirlooms that will be treasured for generations. These artworks are meticulously made with various film camera formats and hand-pulled silver gelatin prints. I spare no expense and spend whatever time necessary to make these distinctive treasures. They are always given special treatments in archival toning baths, and they're frequently painted. For posterity they're, archivally enclosed in exquisite antique or artisanal frames. You might think that your once in a lifetime horse (or another loved one) needs to be honored beautifully. That makes perfect sense to to me.

I was born with "horse fever," raised with a horse around the house, and remain fascinated by the horse-loving world. It's a blending of these things (plus the gift of education) that formed a delightful specialty for me in equine photography. Call or send an email to arrange a meeting for discussing your photography projects.

I'm in favor of giving back....it's uplifting, it's good, and it's right. I believe that participating in world improvement affirms human existence, so I'm committed to giving at least ten percent of my income and energy to others. I favor small underdog-type charities serving unprivileged people and animals. The brilliant photographer, Platon once said, "The most important people to photograph are those without a voice." I heartily agree.


I'm beyond thankful for my parents, Tom and Joan Jackson. Other wonderful souls who helped me along the way are Krag Oglesby, Drew Endicott, Chris Bucher, Charles Park, Darryl Jones, Jonathan Wilson, Bruce Pallmann - along with everyone at Roberts Imaging (past and present), Larry Ladig, Garret Everdon (wherever you are), Kip Shawger, Dr. Donald Heady (R.I.P.), Dr. Judy Yordon, Lloyd Brooks, Eric Kass, Richard Spahr, Florence McHaffie, Tickey Jackson (R.I.P.), Amy and Tony Mansfield. Each of these fine people has truly helped me. I'm grateful to each of them for caring, for enabling, and sharing their wisdom with me.